Covid Resources and Information

Generally, Dr. Schilling does not recommend anyone receive the vaccine. Our recommendation is to support your immune system and to address stress in your life.
When the mind is clear, the body is of no consequence. When the mind is stressed, we will exhibit symptoms in our body.
For people that choose to have the vaccine, Dr. Schilling recommends the following:
Mudpack 3 inch circle on top and bottom of hands and feet 3 days prior to
receiving vaccine.

Mudpack hands each day for 10 min in between the first and second vaccine and mudpack 1 month after last dose. Learn more about mud packing here.

Additionally, He recommends the following supplements, starting 1 month prior to first dose to 1 month after the last dose.

Opti Methyl Balance – 2 caps 3x per day
ChloraXYM – 2 caps 3x per day with meals
This will aid in liver detoxification.

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