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At Secoya Health, we welcome you to experience the benefits of combining the ancient arts of healing with modern technology, offering you the best of both worlds. We pride ourselves on providing our patients with the best in cutting-edge technology and holistic healthcare. We investigate the underlying causes of your symptoms and create a custom protocol specifically for you.

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Mental Health

After as little as three sessions, you can be feeling dramatically different life!

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Lyme Disease

We Address The Whole Human Being To Relieve Lyme Disease Symptoms

Ditch Your Diagnosis and focus on healing.


Joint Pain


Fever & Chills


General Weakness



Gut Illness

Nutrition To Heal Microbiome Within The Digestive System

Natural and quick solutions for illness


Autoimmune Disease


Digestive Disorders


Thyroid/Chronic Fatigue


Weight Loss

Try Our IV Drip Therapy!

IV nutrition therapy has many uses that are beneficial and should be included as part of general health maintenance. These IVs help address inflammation, regeneration, anti-aging, and immunity. It can help with deficiencies and promote optimal health.

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Do you suffer from chronic illness?

When it comes to chronic illness, finding answers can be frustrating. Our comprehensive approach gets to the root cause of your illness so we can provide an effective treatment plan. Our goal is to get you feeling good again


Autoimmune Disease, Digestive Disorders, Chronic Fatigue


Brain Body Balancing, Trigenics, Nutrition Counseling, Detox Programs, Hormone Balancing, Functional Medicine, Diet Changes

What Our Patients Have To Say

Rick OdgersRick Odgers
23:34 12 Apr 24
I highly recommend Secoya Health and Dr. Schilling to everyone. The atmosphere of the clinic is calm and relaxing and conducive to healing. The staff is kind and knowledgable and I’ve always felt that they are truly invested in my healing process. Following a Holistic/Natural medicine path can be a challenge for some (it was initially for me), but Dr. Schilling has a way of letting the skeptical know there is science behind it all. I’ve experienced many successes and have witnessed the successes of those who I’ve recommended to Secoya. Perhaps the best thing about Dr Schilling and his staff is that through them I have the confidence that no matter what health challenge I’m experiencing, we will be able to get to the root cause and thus to a solution.
Sarah OrtegaSarah Ortega
15:50 12 Apr 24
I learned about Secoya Health through the amazing Functional Medicine minded Nurse Practitioner Paula Fortin. I followed her to Secoya and immediately signed up for a 1-year membership because she is awesome!!!! Paula is the first practitioner I had seen in five years with ongoing unexplained health issues, who I felt heard me. She was able to look beyond my emotional state and piece together what may be at the root of my numerous symptoms. Thank you for not chalking up my distraught emotional state to “anxiety” and for ordering the tests that my body needed to show how depleted it actually was in specific areas. I felt seen, heard, and hopeful for the first time in years. Because of you, what other practitioners previously assessed as most likely normal perimenopausal symptoms, was actually due to a complex ovarian cyst that no one knew was there.After perusing the website, I got so excited about all that Secoya offers, that I jumped on having a phone consultation and then free consultation. I only have one brain and I had been trying for years and years to renew my mind and think my way into positive thoughts and healing. Compound that with the multiple head injuries I sustained over the years playing competitive soccer (heading the ball was my favorite way to score), as well as being knocked unconscious from behind by a bicyclist going full speed 16 years ago, my noggin needed some healing love and attention. So I said yes to a 12-session Neuro Therapy Session. It was pricier than I could afford but TOTALLY WORTH EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR!!! And rather than have to travel super far away to another state or nation, I only had to drive 38 minutes each direction, enjoying every minute of it to rest and process.QNRT is sort of like Emotion Code on steroids meets guru neuro-chiropractor muscle tester, in my opinion. Dr Schilling was able to use muscle testing to find the connections between emotions I stuffed so far down that I thought had zero effect on my body and physical/brain patterns that I thought were just bad habits. Oops! The color therapy glasses, tuning forks, and essential oils helped bring the healing in deeper. Because of my QNRT and the Brain Training sessions, my body literally now stays calm in what were previously normal stress trigger situations and/or interactions with others. Now my body stays calm and relaxed, and I’m able to think clearly and speak up in a kind yet direct way to others when it warrants. I absolutely feel THE BEST that I have emotionally, mentally, and physically than I have in at least five years, if not 40.The staff at Secoya is AMAZING. My biggest complaint is that unfortunately I do not get to see them weekly anymore since I completed my first Neuro package and I miss their joyful, loving faces and little updates. I am hopeful to be able to save up enough $$ so that I can return for a second package of QNRT/Brain Training before the year ends. For now, I will take advantage of and enjoy the Pulse hours that I received with being a Direct Primary Care Member, I will schedule care visits as needed with Paula Fortin, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, and I will soak up the remaining evenings in The Biology of Belief biweekly book club this spring with Coach Curtis and Blake.Secoya Health has been one of my biggest highlights and the most effective holistic care that I have been able to participate in on my journey into greater healing so far! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!
Kole NeilsonKole Neilson
17:54 06 Apr 24
afton hartungafton hartung
01:53 31 Mar 24
Could not be more pleased with the whole staff and the experience. Even my kids say they are the nicest people they have ever met.
Kimberle KaufmanKimberle Kaufman
01:04 25 Feb 24
I highly recommend Secoyah Health. I have had a big increase in energy, also increase in bone density as a result of using the PEMF machines. The staff are very personable and professional. I was chronically ill and Secoya modalities were instrumental in my return to health.
Erik JErik J
20:16 06 Feb 24
My experience at Secoya literally changed my life. I had been on heartburn medication for 11 years, and my symptoms were steadily getting worse. I would feel full/bloated and very tired after every meal, in addition to getting acid reflux. I was also starting to notice a negative impact on my mood, and it seemed like even the smallest stressors would cause a very strong stress response in my body. I knew I had to do something outside of the western medicine ‘bubble,’ as all doctors I had seen up to that point had nothing to offer as far as advice to get off the medication. My wife just happened to read some reviews of Secoya saying that people with similar symptoms had found help healing with them. I did a consult visit with Secoya where we talked about a game plan for my path to healing, and then I fully committed to doing the program for 3-4 months. Dr Schilling was able to find and address the root cause of what was causing my symptoms, and when we addressed that, the symptoms went away. It has been over a year now that I have been off heartburn medication, and I have felt great since doing the program. The above mentioned symptoms are all gone; I have experienced more energy, better mood, improved digestion, and an overall noticeable increase in my quality of life. I have the same stressors in my life but they don’t seem to impact me nearly as much as they used to. The people at Secoya are all super helpful and very friendly, and I really enjoyed my experience there. They helped me implement change in my wellness for life, rather than just giving me a pill to temporarily mask my symptoms.
Amanda JohnsonAmanda Johnson
17:57 25 Jan 24
My daughters and I have had a Direct Primary Care membership with Secoya for the past year, and it has been a wonderful experience! I appreciate their holistic approach to health as well as the welcoming, peaceful atmosphere. The staff is extremely kind and caring. They don’t rush you out of your appointment, but rather take the time to get to know you and your needs.
Bridget EsslingBridget Essling
00:33 25 Jan 24
Secoya Health has changed my life! My health state has gone from dragging ( tired - poor sleep - no motivation apathetic) to vibrant health. I love going to Secoya! It is a wonderful atmosphere. It smells good. I know that sounds a little weird but it is a healthy wholesome high vibration place.Bridget

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Natural, Holistic Mind-Body Care

Holistic healthcare practitioners care for the whole person as the unity of body and mind. We see everyone through the lens of the interconnectedness of their mind, body and biochemistry.

Total Life Transformation Is Our Business

We are transformational in our focus, not transactional. Secoya Health is thriving in the service of others, not at the expense of others.

We Lead By Doing The Work In Our Own Lives

The Secoya Team talks the talk and walks the walk. We are each dedicated to transformation in our own lives, which allows us to lead our participants to do the same in theirs.

Healing Partnership For The Win-Win

The optimal transformational environment is when the participant states their desired goals, and the team of doctors and care coordinators lead the participant take one hundred percent ownership for their outcome. The participant does the work, and the team aids them in identifying their roadblocks and provides tools to overcome them.

A Culture Of Teamwork - It Takes A Village

We are supportive – everyone has each other’s back and encourages one another at every turn. Our culture fosters a feeling that everyone is approachable and on the same side. This allows fresh new ideas to fill our organization, invigorating our team so it can be as adaptive as a startup and will endure for the next century and beyond.


Secoya Health creates a new paradigm for living life without limitation by optimizing mind and body through a natural, whole-person wellness approach.


We lead with love inspiring our participants by empowering them with wisdom, tools, and support to achieve complete mind, body wellbeing.


To provide the most transformative service on Earth and raise the consciousness of humanity one individual, family, and community at a time.

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