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At Secoya Health, we welcome you to experience the benefits of combining the ancient arts of healing with modern technology, offering you the best of both worlds. We pride ourselves on providing our patients with the best in cutting-edge technology and holistic healthcare. We investigate the underlying causes of your symptoms and create a custom protocol specifically for you.

Do you suffer from the following symptoms?

Joint Pain

Joint Pain Relief Without Drugs Or Surgery

Joint pain relief quickly and naturally


Joint, Neck, Knee, or Back Pain

Auto Accidents
Sports Injury


Numbness or tingling in your feet or hands?

Natural pain relief, quick and effective


Numbness, Burning, or Tingling


Sharp, electric-like pain


Sensitive to touch


Diabetic nerve pain

Gut Illness

Use Nutrition To Heal The Microbiome Within The Digestive System

Natural and quick solutions for illness


Autoimmune Disease


Digestive Disorders


Thyroid/Chronic Fatigue


Weight Loss

Try Our IV Drip Therapy!

IV nutrition therapy has many uses that are beneficial and should be included as part of general health maintenance. These IVs help address inflammation, regeneration, anti-aging, and immunity. It can help with deficiencies and promote optimal health.

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Do you suffer from chronic illness?

When it comes to chronic illness, finding answers can be frustrating. Our comprehensive approach gets to the root cause of your illness so we can provide an effective treatment plan. Our goal is to get you feeling good again


Autoimmune Disease, Digestive Disorders, Chronic Fatigue


Brain Body Balancing, Trigenics, Nutrition Counseling, Detox Programs, Hormone Balancing, Functional Medicine, Diet Changes

Dr Schilling at Secoya has been a wonder worker! I have never felt better. His care and compassion for those he treats are very evident in his determination to get to the root of their problems. So very thankful that we found him. If you want to feel better and rid yourself of prescription medications or even over the counter drugs, go and see Dr Schilling. You will not regret it and will never be the same.

Rose Marie. B

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Refuel – Rebalance – Revitalize

Dr. Daniel Schilling

Dr. Jessica Sabrowsky

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