Nutritional Counseling

8 of the top 10 causes of death in America are directly related to poor nutrition. Additionally, the 8 modifiable factors of premature aging are all influenced by nutrition.

Lifestyle Adjustments

We are able to provide you with lifestyle recommendations and eating guides based on your sensitivities in order for you to feel your best. Providing your body with proper nutrition is the first and most important building block for providing optimal health. Changing your daily habits is one of the most profound ways you can change your health.

Download Our Anti-inflammatory Food guide Here


We only use and recommend the most well-researched and highest quality supplements, most of which are only available to licensed healthcare practitioners so you can be certain that the quality far exceeds most of those found in vitamin and health food stores. Our largest supplement suppliers are DesBio, Nutri-dyn, Premier Research Labs, US Enzymes, and Apex Energetics. Using Applied Kinesiology, we can specifically test your body to see if one supplement is better for your body than another. These supplements will support your body with the proper vitamins, nutrients, herbs, and immune support to help you be as symptom-free as possible.

Nutritional counseling appointments are available and are included in the initial visit. All orders for supplements can be shipped directly to your door.