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Direct Primary Care Health Coverage

Direct Primary Care At Secoya Health

About 90% of medical needs can be addressed with a Direct Primary Care Provider. For overall preventative medicine, general well-being, chronic disease management and acute injuries/illnesses, your Direct Primary Care Provider is the best option for healthcare. Direct Primary Care is a membership service directly with a clinic that works outside of health insurance.

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Direct primary care is a great way to save on your insurance plan. We provide high quality healthcare and prioritize your employee’s health for a low, monthly cost. Your health plan will include direct primary care and catastrophic coverage.

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DPC Lab Discount Pricing

Each Lab Draw has a $57 draw and interpretation fee which is due at the time of the lab draw.

Complete Blood Count

CBC c/ diff


Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D


Liver Panel



Pancreas Panel

Amylase + Lipase


Lipid Panel

chol + trig + HDL + LDL


Complete Metabolic Panel with Kidney Function



Hemoglobin A1C

Hb A1c


Advanced Lipid Profile

NMR LipoProfile + IR +Lipids + Gph


Bacterial Vaginosis



Kidney Function

BUN + Cr


STI Panel

BV + Trich + yeast


Vaginal Bacteria and Yeast

BV + yeast



Urine chlamydia + reflex GC



PAP c/ HPV reflex ASCU



PAP c/ HSV reflex ASCU



PSA, Free + %


Tuberculosis Screen

QuantaFeron TB Gold Plus


Thyroid Panel

T4 + TSH + T3 + T4F + T3 + TPO


Blood Sugar Test


Included in Membership

Strep Test

Rapid Strep

Included in Membership



Included in Membership

How You And Your Employess Benefit Together.

Many employees search for jobs that provide health benefits. Often times, small businesses miss out on high quality candidates because of the extreme cost of offering health insurance. Direct Primary Care combined with catastrophic coverage allows the employer to keep costs low and offer high quality care. You will have the comfort of knowing your staff are happy and healthy.

What you will get with Secoya Health Direct Primary Care:

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