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The Secoya Difference

Secoya Health is one of the most integrated, progressive and holistic natural health clinics in the Midwest.
Located in Woodbury, Minnesota for over a decade, we offer personalized guidance to people seeking to improve their health by using many techniques.

Tireless Pursuit of Superior Results

We will always strive to improve ourselves and our services to better serve our participants each and every day. We compete against ourselves to be the best possible organization imaginable. Delivering quality care to our participants and to the community as a whole is our number one priority. We are always researching and integrating the highest quality, most advanced healing technologies available in an effort to support our participants.

We Support Each Other So We Can Support and Nurture Our Participants

We commit as a group to our common goals and we understand that by helping each other, we enhance the quality of service we provide to our participants. We encourage personal growth through physical, mental, social and emotional activity.

Challenge the Status Quo

Our purpose for existing is to prevent disease, restore and maintain wellness and optimize the quality of life. We believe that healthy living, balance, and optimism contribute to happiness. We strive to create well-being in our own lives and we deliver well-being to our participants in every interaction we have with them.

Empower Through Education and Support

We promote health with on-going wellness education designed to help our participants live a healthy, vibrant lifestyle and become active healthcare consumers responsible for their life-long learning through the development of specific knowledge, skills, and abilities. We work to understand each other’s and our participants’ needs, priorities, strengths, limitations, and challenges as a means of achieving improved health and productivity.

Serve and Support the Community

Through the respect for every person, regardless of race, gender, orientation or resources, we create an open, accepting environment that is clear in all our interactions. We demonstrate courtesy, respect, and gratitude and are dedicated to improving the lives of the individuals and communities we sere with empathy and compassion.