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Intensive Care Program

Our Intensive Care Plans range from one week to one month. This care plan is for participants looking to get the most drastic results in a short time frame. As the name implies, this is an intense care schedule and participants are here daily for 4-6 hours.

We have individuals travel from all over the nation to participate in extreme healing.

  • On day one, your initial exam will involve a broad range of information is gathered using applied kinesiologic and chiropractic exams, body composition, posture analysis, biofeedback, and neurological testing.
    • Prior to your appointment please do not have any caffeine or alcohol 12 hours prior to your exam as well as refrain from exercising, saunaing, or taking any nutritional supplements on the day of your exam.
    • We have all patients remove their shoes in our office so please bring a clean pair of shoes, slippers, or socks if you are uncomfortable with being barefoot.
    • Please allow for two hours to complete your initial exam.

  • On day two you will meet with Dr.Schilling to go over our findings and be presented with a care plan to help you reach your health goals as promptly as possible! This will include your recommended treatments and a supplement list to get you moving in the right direction toward a symptom-free, enhanced quality life!

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