Our Proprietary 10-Step Evaluation Process

You are a whole person and deserve to be treated like one. Your symptoms are not a problem to be eliminated, but rather the signs your body is giving you that it needs help and is attempting to heal something. You will be guided through your healing journey with comprehensive solutions to the structural, biochemical and neurological/emotional challenges you are facing. You are the healer and the doctor is your teacher. You must learn how to do it on your own to be successful and that is what we will teach you. In order to achieve the health you desire, you must become a better version of your current self. We are here to help unlock your full potential and help you enjoy life to the fullest.

1. Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) ($147 value)

  • Determine hydration status and water distribution, intracellular vs. extracellular
  • Assess cellular energy production potential to determine your ability to heal

2. Microbiome Immune Scan (EAV) ($997 value)

  • Determines where the microbiome is out of balance and potentially causing you problems
  • Stimulates the immune system to flush out hidden microbes the immune system
  • The body is made of 75-99+ Trillion cells
  • We have 750-999+ Trillion bacteria, molds/fungus, parasites and viruses living in and on us
  • We need our microbiome to make up most of our immune system, but it must be in proper balance

3. Core Structural Evaluation ($497 value)

a. Evaluate breathing pattern to ensure optimal blood oxygenation and healing.

  • Identify imbalances in your two cores (upper and lower)
  • Uncover any cranial fault dysfunction, which leads to systemic neurological imbalances.

b. Postural Analysis

  • Posture imbalances give us clues into your health challenges.
  • Posture determines longevity and illustrates neurological stress.

4. Organ System Reflex Analysis ($597 value)

Our outward symptoms are often a warning sign of internal dysfunction. Identifies what systems are working well in the body and which are not. Uncovers the root cause of your symptoms and limitations to healing.

a. Drainage and Detoxification Pathways

  • If you cannot get toxins out of your body your healing is significantly limited.

b. Evaluate Cellular Energy Production (Krebs Cycle)

  • Your cells make your energy, which means if they do not work well you will feel sluggish.
  • Without optimal energy, you will not be able to heal fully.

5. Thyroid Function Evaluation ($197 value)

You need the energy to feel well and enjoy life. To make energy your thyroid hormone must tell the cells to turn on (the mitochondria). Your growth and mental development are largely governed by your thyroid. Your cardiovascular output, bowel movements, body temp and hair growth are thyroid-related.

6. Blood sugar balance ($227 value)

The key to the overall hormonal balance starts with balanced blood sugar (Glucose, Insulin, Leptin, etc.).

7. Food and Toxin Sensitivities Testing ($997 value)

You may be exposing yourself to foods and/or toxins that are unknowingly hurting you. Food is either the most nurturing thing we put in our body or it can be a slow deadly poison. Environmental toxins slow our healing process and can cause hormonal imbalances. We can stop putting gas on the fire by knowing what foods and toxins negatively affect us.

8. Dental Health Evaluation ($397 value)

Hidden dental infections are common and cause serious challenges to the body. It has been said that a dental infection is the only one the body cannot overcome on its own. A history of root canals, crowns, and dental cavities are particularly important to identify.

9. Injury Site Evaluation – Interference Fields ($297 value)

Old injuries from falls, sprains, hitting your head, surgery scars (c-section, episiotomy, gallbladder, etc.) weaken other organs and tissues close to and distant from the site of injury. We can uncover the hidden things that you have long since forgotten about and help you eliminate how they are limiting you.

10. Comprehensive Brain Evaluation ($497 value)

Uncovers learned behaviors and neurological programming that dictates your quality of life. The brain controls every cell and function in your body.

Your conscious brain controls 2-5% of your life. This includes what and how you are thinking, planning your day, etc.

Your subconscious brain controls 95-98% of your life. This includes all your tendon, neurological and emotional reflexes. Your heartbeat, breathing, sleep cycle, digestion and bowel movements, etc. It can be said that the subconscious brain also determines the trajectory of your life by guiding you away from perceived danger. The subconscious brain is designed to keep you safe and if there have been major stressors (emotional wounds), in the past or present, your brain will limit you to keep you safe. This results in limiting your accomplishments, the quality of your relationships and the health you experience in life. Every person inherits and experiences stresses in our lives. We uncover the subconscious limits keeping you from healing.