Are Gut Issues Affecting Your Quality Of Life?

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Common Gut Issues…

Chron’s disease

Symptoms can vary depending on the nerves damaged but the loss of sensations or pain can make it difficult to walk!

Ulcerative colitis

Neuropathy can cause your feet to burn and tingle. These symptoms may come or go. They can also get better or worse at certain times.


Pain can occur very suddenly and sharp like an electric shock. Some patients describe “static” like pain.

Celiac Disease

Damaged nerves mean that there is no input to the brain to indicate where your feet are. This often results in tripping, stumbling, or falls.

Leaky Gut

Numbness is a loss of feeling or sensation in the hands or feet caused by damaged nerves. Despite what other doctors or specialists may have told you, symptoms of most types can be greatly improved, if not resolved.

Gastroesophageal Reflux

Muscle cramps often occurs in the feet or hands when a certain nerve is affected by neuropathy. You can experience it in your toes and fingers.

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Are Gut Issues Affecting Your Quality Of Life?

No Medications ● All Natural Treatments