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What Is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) removes the middle man (insurance) and allows clients to have direct access to their healthcare provider.

  • Easy Access To Your Provider (Text,Call,Email).
  • Price Transparency (No hidden fees)
  • Holistic, non-judgmental Healthcare

Services Included


Annual Exam


Acute Illness/Injury


Chronic Conditions


Weight Management


Sports Physicals


Virtual Visits


Well Child


Check Ups


And More!

Meet Your DPC Provider

Dr. Jessica Sabrowsky DNP, RN, FNP-BC

I grew up in rural Minnesota. I have 4 children and a husband. I completed my undergraduate nursing degree from the College of St. Benedict. Following graduation I worked as a bedside nurse in Pediatric Intensive Care, Neonatal Intensive Care, adult Intensive Care and Cardiac Care Units. Through these experiences, I learned I was passionate about providing high quality care, but realized I was only able to help individuals and families place a band aide on the acute problems. Our goal at Secoya Health is to offer empowered, non-judgmental healthcare. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to collaborate with you on your path to wellness. Come see us today!

Meet your Direct Primary Care Team

The Secoya Team is experienced in fully supporting you to achieve your health goals. We are diligent on following up with you throughout your care to make sure you feel guided in your healthcare. Our team consists of care coordinators who are passionate about health and wellness, and utilize many of our skills in our personal lives in addition to at the clinic.  

Direct Primary Care VS Insurance Model

Alternatives To Health Insurance

Direct Primary Care

About 90% of medical needs can be addressed with a primary care provider. For overall preventative medicine, general well-being, chronic disease management and acute injuries/illnesses, your Primary Care Provider is the best option for healthcare. Direct Primary care involved a membership service directly with a clinic, without the hassle of insurance.

Catastrophic Care

Most people rely on their insurance to cover medical costs for a catastrophic event. Healthshares are a great way to cover this cost without the high deductibles and fine print of insurance coverage.

Secoya Health does not offer catastrophic coverage but we are happy to connect you with someone who can provide those resources.

Direct Primary Care Memberships

Membership is determined after intake exam with the Nurse Practitioner

What is different with Secoya’s approach to direct primary care (DPC)?

At Secoya Health, DPC is the “Uber” of Healthcare. where wellness is the priority. What do we mean by this? -Explain Uber revolutionized the travel industry by making ordering a care the most convenient and safe. We offer a health care delivery model that provides an opportunity for participants and our care team to enter a relationship that puts you and your health first. Secoya Health offers treatment modalities different than traditional clinics, with the focus on identifying root cause of the condition and prioritizing care to optimize wellness and healing.

By providing primary care services for a monthly fee, patients get same-day or next-day visits without copays. With direct access to Dr. Jessica and the care team, participants can also contact their doctor by phone, secure text, email, or video chat when care is needed. DPC offers unrushed office visits, access to discounts on medications, labs, pathology, and imaging, all without the need for insurance. By removing the intrusiveness and red tape of health insurance, we are able to deliver affordable care personalized for you. The future of wellness care is here now!

Is DPC insurance?

No, DPC is not insurance.  The monthly service fee is your payment for ongoing primary care services offered by your physician. We strongly
recommend that patients do have insurance for care that may be needed beyond what we offer (specialty care, ER or hospitalization, surgery, etc.). Direct primary care couples nicely with a high deductible “wrap around” or “catastrophic” policy. We do have information about healthcare shares if you’d like more information to ditch insurance completely, please let us know!

Is Direct Primary Care for me?

Direct Primary Care medicine is rapidly increasing in popularity. If you have a low-deductible traditional plan and don’t wish to submit to your insurance company yourself, it may not be the right model for you. Sadly, those plans are becoming history. Most Americans have high-deductible plans. These plans are great for catastrophes, but otherwise provide little in return for the money they cost. If this is your current situation, Secoya Health DPC is a perfect solution.

Do you take my insurance?

No, we do not accept or bill health insurance. In the DPC model, we contract directly with each participant, not an insurance company, to provide quality care. By eliminating the restrictions and frustrations associated with health insurance, we keep costs low and spend as much time as needed with you. Insurance can be helpful in catastrophic situations, and we recommend that you to have insurance for emergencies, but you will find that much of the
care you receive through Secoya Health DPC costs less than it would if you were using insurance.

If I have insurance, can I use it?

If you use Secoya Health DPC for your primary care, we will strive to keep you healthy and reduce the need for specialty care and hospitalizations, but there may be times that you will still need your insurance for specialty care, surgery, or hospitalizations. Secoya Health DPC is considered an “out of network” provider but most insurances. We do code using an electronic health record and can provide you with superbills for your visit.

If I have Medicare, can I still become a patient at Secoya Health DPC?

Absolutely! You will need to sign a one-time waiver declaring that neither you nor our office will directly bill Medicare for our services. You can continue to use Medicare for laboratory testing, imaging, and medications prescribed by our office, as well as specialty care and hospitalizations. You may even find that you will save money on your primary care, labs and
medications through our discounted pricing.

Are my Secoya Health DPC service charges tax deductible?

Unfortunately, no. At this time your monthly retainer is not yet defined as a “medical expense” in most states and as such is not deductible. Charges for labs and medications, however, may be deductible. The laws are in flux, so please consult with your tax accountant or attorney to discuss your particular circumstances.

What happens if I need to be hospitalized?

By providing excellent care with virtually unlimited access to your doctor, we seek to prevent or reduce hospitalizations. Since we do not provide inpatient hospital care, when hospitalization is necessary, we can collaborate with the hospitalist during your hospital stay if requested.

Do you see children in your practice?

Yes! We are a family medicine practice, accepting patients age 2 and up. We only accept children if a parent is also our patient.

What if I need medical care while I’m traveling?

This is one of the benefits of being a patient of Secoya Health DPC—because we know you well, we can usually care for you even when you’re away from home. Many illnesses can be diagnosed and treated by communication through by phone, secure text, email, or video chat. If necessary and appropriate, we can call prescriptions into the pharmacy nearest you.

Do you share any medical records with insurance carriers or pharmaceutical companies?

No, unless you specifically request it. We take your privacy seriously, and we are not obligated to provide any third party with a copy of your records unless you specifically ask that we do and sign a release of records. In DPC, we contract directly with you!

What if I’m not satisfied?

We care about your experience and your satisfaction, and we continually strive to improve. If you are not satisfied for any reason, please let us know so we can work to resolve any problems. Open, honest communication is
vital to our continued success, and we want to hear from you. We also welcome compliments!

How long is the contract?

Secoya Health DPC operates on a monthly billing basis, similar to other memberships. Our contracts start at 6 months. You may terminate your patient-physician relationship at any time. But we hope you don’t—please talk to us! If you decide to leave Secoya Health DPC before the end of your agreement, or if your payments lapse, the fee to reregister is $300.

Do you offer Vaccinations?

We presently do not offer vaccinations at Secoya Health. We are happy to refer you to locations that can provide vaccinations if you desire. Often times, the local health department can provide affordable vaccines for children and adults.

What is your policy on controlled substances?

We believe in judgement free healthcare. At Secoya Health we do not prescribe controlled substances, both narcotics (Lorcet, Lortab, Norco, Oxycontin, Percocet, Vicodin, etc.) and benzodiazepines (Ativan, Klonopin, Valium, Xanax, etc), have a limited role in primary care and therefore Dr. Jessica does not prescribe these medications. We believe of working with
individuals on identifying the root for the health issue and optimizing the body’s ability to heal treating each person holistically, compassionately, and individually. We do not treat anxiety with benzodiazepines, but are happy to work with you to address methods to help your body address anxiety develop techniques often successful in treating anxiety. No controlled substances are kept in the office.

If I enroll as a patient of Secoya Health DPC, when does billing begin?

Your monthly billing will start on the day of your first visit with Dr. Jessica, after you determine the DPC level that fits for you. Please note that care cannot be provided through electronic means prior to an initial intake physical exam.

Can I afford this?

You will save money long-term by combining a Direct Primary Care membership with a higher-deductible health insurance policy or cost sharing plan. This provides you full spectrum family care at an affordable, transparent price. On average, a family of five saves around $700 a month on healthcare expenses. Eliminate the fear of being seen due to cost and enjoy the comfort knowing you can keep your family healthy.

But I only visit my primary care doctor once per year, is DPC for me?

You may consider asking yourself- why do I only see my primary care practitioner once per year? Is this because it is all insurance covers? DPC can not only provide you regular guidance with your health questions, but also provide care when you have a more “urgent” need. Instead of going to Urgent care and waiting hours for a strep test, you can easily receive the
same test at Secoya for a fraction of the cost.

As Emily Nagoski says, “Wellness is not a state of being, it’s a state of action.” Dr. Jessica is committed to helping you reach your health goals through regular visits. We feel as though an annual visit is not sufficient to fully achieve
wellness. When you have your annual blood labs drawn, does your current provider send you a report without any explanation? “Your labs look good, see you next year!”? Secoya DPC Is creating a more empowered experience in healthcare. After labs, Dr. Jessica will sit down with you and review these labs. What do the
labs MEAN for your overall health and wellness? The more knowledge you have about your healthcare, the better you are able to understand your body.