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Spending $300+ per month on health insurance you don’t use is BS!

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Is Direct Primary Care Good For Me?

If your job does not offer insurance or if insurance is expensive in your area, Direct Primary Care is a great alternative. Unlike conventional insurance, you won’t have expensive co-pays with every visit or long wait times to see your provider. DPC is healthcare when YOU need it.

What Is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) removes the middle man (insurance) and allows clients to have direct access to their healthcare provider.

Easy Access To Your Provider (Text,Call,Email).

Price Transparency (No hidden fees)

Holistic, non-judgmental Healthcare

Services Included


Annual Exam


Acute Illness/Injury


Chronic Conditions


Weight Management


Sports Physicals


Virtual Visits


Well Child


Check Ups


And More!

The Difference

Direct Primary Care

  • Trusted provider to work with
  • Monthly membership charge covers any needed follow up visits
  • Adequate time with provider
  • Easy to access provider with questions
  • Holistically minded. (We don’t just give you pills and send you on your way when you need answers)
  • Seen in a fast and efficient manner

Conventional Insurance

  • Limited on which provider to choose
  • Copays with each visit (After paying $300+ monthly for insurance)
  • Rushed visits with provider
  • Difficult to access provider with questions
  • Not holistically minded
  • Push towards medications
  • Long wait times to be seen

Direct Primary Care Memberships